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Across Strategy, Products and Activation, we craft experiences that matter.


In our work strategy, we lay foundation for your products and services that engage your customers and help your business succeed. To achieve this we bring together diverse perspectives – from user to technology, from brand to business – and break down the silo mentality.


We create relevant customer experiences and bring businesses to life in digital. Whether as a platform, a service or a custom software solution, our digital products meet the highest standards for customer experience, design, security and scalability.


We help you achieve your business goals and leverage the full potential of your product by increasing its awareness and inspiring customers to act. We plan and execute numbers of tests for ongoing product improvements - all based on continuous data insights and seamlessly optimised processes.


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We are proud to present few of our products, as well as we aren't limited to beskope developement for our clients


EMI (Equipment, Management, Inspection) is a powerful system designed to help organizations to manage projects, assets, risks and compliance during the decommissioning process. Cloud-based solution and can be installed directly on a company’s server, it is working on tablets (iOS and Android), desktop application and browser can be used in offline mode.

EMI software is build using modern technology in the SAAS model. Using one source code for cloud base solution and one source code for mobile application (One soured code but exportable for iOS and Android). Each client have dedicated database.

EMI can be integrated with an existing solution such as SAP or Maximo. As custom software, we can integrate any client solution via API. 


Discover, new easier ways of recruitment... 

The traditional application process dictates first impressions in a short cover letter, with experiences, passion and ambition squeezed into a C.V.
This is not how the world works anymore and we found new exciting way to improve recruitment process.

WhiSpiece is platform created to improve and make recruitment process more efficient, easier and less time consuming.

60 seconds  video cover letter -  is a new way to request applicant to present  personality, skills and knowledge to match your requirements.  

Video is at our clicking fingertips - all day, every day. We communicate via Skype, entertain ourselves with YouTube and document our lives on Facebook and Snapchat. Video is no longer just for weddings and holidays, it’s also an essential business tool. What better place to utilise it than for recruitment purposes?

Not only is this the time of growth and change for you, it is the beginning of  employees’ journey in your business.


Coming soon innovation of museum and castles in UK | Spain | Germany | France | Poland and much more - September 2020


Compliance Management Software

With VorTech’s Compliance Management solution, you'll keep your team in sync, on top of tasks, and ahead of deadlines.

Regulatory compliance software that allows your organization to focus on what matters - building and growing your business.

Gather all of your compliance procedures into a single screen, giving you the high-level oversight to make sure important requirements don't fall through the cracks.

Monitor tasks from creation to resolution and easily pull evidence of completion for handoffs to regulators and executives.

Reduce the risk of regulatory fines due to failure to comply with routine activities.