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Contacts into Contracts

Contacts into Contracts

Turning contacts into contracts is what makes business happen. Itʼs just one part of your overall marketing for your web design or freelance business.

Between CONTACTS and CONTRACTS is one difference of one letter - which means RELATIONSHIP.

Unfortunately, most businesses donʼt utilize their contacts: 73% of leads are never contacted. What about you? Do you follow up with potential clients, or wait for them to contact you? Do you have a system in place for following up and managing the contacts you DO make?

To the best way to build a relationship with a new client is own a professional look website. 

You need to own your brand and send people somewhere that will do a solid job of converting them. 

Make sure your website does three things: 

  • "Tells people what you do."
  • "Tells them why that should matter to them (answers the "Whatʼs in it for me?" question)."
  • "Gives people a way to contact you."

Itʼs fundamental stuff, but youʼd be surprised how often people donʼt do it. Just like your business card, make sure your site is including the appropriate contact info. If you donʼt want people calling you, donʼt list your phone number. If youʼd instead they fill out a form, add a contact form to your site asking for the exact information you want (though make sure itʼs a short form). A website is an opportunity to show people how professional you are and that youʼre in this for real. You donʼt want some joke of a website hosted on a two-bit, cookie-cutter provider. You also donʼt want your site riddled with typos or broken links. Show your contacts how seriously you take your job and their business by taking your website seriously. Tip: It can be hard to stand out online. Make sure your website has that extra something, so you stand out. It doesn't have to be complicated or involved, but take the time to be more than just another site.