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What Is Asset Management Software - And Why Is It Important?

What Is Asset Management Software - And Why Is It Important?

Maintaining visibility on your physical assets at all times is critical to keeping your organisation operating smoothly. We develop asset tracking software solutions specific to your logistics, business needs, employee processes and assets so you can reduce downtime, prevent the loss, and increase profits. Based on the last project we can share few key functionalities we added for the clients.

Fixed Asset Tracking

Our custom solution for asset tracking systems includes asset directories with customisable fields, photo tagging, audit trail modules, interactive maps, and reporting tools. We implement new systems and integrate asset tracking modules into legacy facility management platforms.

IT Asset Tracking

We develop custom IT asset tracking software for check-in/check-out barcode scanning, single- or multi-facility RFID tracking, and GPS systems for tracking assets in the field. Easily integrated into technology assets like hard drives, solid-state drives, laptops, mobile devices (tablets and phones), computer accessories (cameras, mice, keyboards), servers, video equipment and more.

Mobile Asset Management

We build cross-platform mobile apps with GPS-powered asset tracking maps, camera scanners, and full database functionality. We can also program custom notifications to alert users when assets they are searching for are nearby or when an asset is relocated without proper permissions.

GPS Asset Tracking 

Custom GPS-based asset tracking software can be deployed as either standalone platforms or as part of a mobile field service app or Supply Chain Management (SCM) system. We integrate powerful mapping and navigation software, as well as geo-fencing and user-based access controls for IoT devices.

Barcode Software Solutions

We develop custom barcode asset tracking software, including real-time database systems, mobile phone scanning apps and embedded barcode scanner software. We build industry-specific check-in/check-out systems for tracking assets in healthcare settings, warehouses, government facilities and more.