Software Consulting

We identify actionable opportunities, then prioritize them by value, effort, and risk – we intend to start doing as quickly as possible. You can count on our help with decisions related to technology architecture, strategic planning, quality, as well as design and delivery.

Digital Transformation

We help you capitalise on the opportunities of digital transformation by setting up and steering the innovation process throughout your organisation. We orchestrate the internal and external stakeholders and facilitate design-thinking based enablement and product-ideation workshops. All backed-up by a fundamental understanding of enterprise, marketing, and technology. Our approach links ideation with feasibility.

Team Enablement

Making the most of digital transformation doesn’t begin with a client’s audience, but with the employees of the organisation itself. That’s why we work internally with our clients to make the most of the opportunities offered by digital transformation by unlocking their potential and that of their teams.



UI Design

User Interface Design focuses on the visual aspects of websites, apps and other digital products. Within the UI, all components such as headlines, buttons, forms, and alerts are styled – creating a style guide for the whole product. It includes fonts, icons, colors, and photos, as well as the use of space between each element to increase readability. Our goal is to create a clean, contemporary design with subtle use of interactivity to drive user engagement.

UX Design

It’s about the user. Here we put particular emphasis on end-users’ satisfaction and understanding of what would make their experiences better when dealing with your product. Regardless of whether we craft a concept, wireframes, wireflows or information architecture, we believe there are three core rules that form the foundations of every successful digital product: usability, desirability, and usefulness.


Prototypes are essential to validate your product. We want to make sure that the concept and all the assumptions work well in reality and visualization enables us to check key functionalities, wireflows, mock-ups, etc. You can ask us to test the whole product or its certain parts – this decision is usually subject to your KPIs.


We believe that greatest products are created when we are getting feedback from customers. Be it our client or end users, we are always striving to release products we build as fast as possible. To name a few, creation of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first, backlog prioritization, A/B testing are practices we are using to gain customer feedback faster and in more reliable way.

Web & Mobile Development

We develop custom software that responds to business needs by making engineering a fundamental part of our design process. We write high-quality code that prioritizes reliability, scalability, and performance.


We use the newest technologies to support our clients in achieving their business goals even more effectively. Our team creates products based on VR and AR that change the market, help brands to be more competitive and take the lead in their industry



Usability testing

Usability testing is one of the best ways to see whether the solutions are convenient and understandable for users because it can easily indicate any usability issues, users’ approach, and their satisfaction. Besides that, we can also collect qualitative and quantitative data that is useful in developing your product. This service will provide you with a comprehensive report, supported by a video, analysis, conclusions, and recommendation.

A/B Testing

Here we test users’ responses to two different variants of a web platform, mobile app, or any other digital product and conclude which one drives engagement and performs better for a given conversion goal. A/B testing can increase traffic, attract more visitors, and help you to optimize your product for better results.


We create user activation programs for onboarding, one-to-one engagement and churn reduction. We measure success and ensure optimal reach by implemeting holistic frameworks by monitoring, analytics, SEO, social and content syndication.


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